Exterminator Rachet Shifter 
Kilduff Lightning rods are  NHRA/IHRA approved
Kilduff Lightning Rod GigaShifter for GM 4-speeds
 Ratchet Bitch Shifter
Ratchet Bitch High Rise for trucks and bench seat cars
Cup holders, no problem
get a skull with switch for festive mood
Voodoo Shifter
Consoles are 3 ft. long
Our Twister Shifter is great for bench seat cars. Don't give up your bench. You can do things on a bench you can't do with buckets. Ha Ha Ha.
Super short standard 3 body, good for bench seats.
Try our new fully automatic ratchet shifter with a single pole and pistol grip. We call it, the Exterminator Shifter.
Daddy long leg lightning rods. For the Rat Fink in all of us. These suckas are 2 feet tall.
TwisterShifter is good for bench seat cars and trucks

The Paddle Shift Eliminator for 2010-2015 camaros

    We make all kinds of race shifters, ratchets, lightning rods and the Paddle Shift Eliminator.
    We support all the popular performance transmissions;
Ford: C4, C6, AOD, AODE 
Mopar: 727, 904 after '66, 45RFE, 545RFE, 47RE, 48RE
GM:POWERGLIDE, 350, 400, 700-r4, 200-4r, 4L60E, 4L80E

and more.
All shifters use B&M cables and brackets.
All our race shifters are customizable.
Check out all the options on the "OPTION" page.

We now make Lighting Rods for all Automatics.
Turn any transmission into a reverse valve body, pull- to- shift monster.
This is our fully automatic ratchet shifter. Just bump through the gears. Up or Down. The ultimate drag race shifter.
Turn your factory console into a ratcheting beast with our Horseshoe Shifter for factory consoles.
The TwisterShifter is a single pole, horizontal gated shifter with a super strong return spring. The TwisterShifter will ratchet going up just by bumping it. It feels like a stick shift because the horizontal gate is so wide. Great for trucks or bench seat cars.
Contact Us                         844-KILDUFF (545-3833)
kilduffshifter@gmail.com    international  818-334-5913
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