Kilduff Lightning rods are  NHRA/IHRA approved
Kilduff Lightning Rod GigaShifter for GM 4-speeds
King Tiger Shifter, Full-Auto
Works on Toyotas too
Cup holders, no problem
Standard 2 shifter full auto
Lock your ride
Voodoo Shifter
Consoles are 3 ft. long
Our Twister Shifter is great for bench seat cars. Don't give up your bench. You can do things on a bench you can't do with buckets. Ha Ha Ha.
The Twister Shifter is 23" tall
We can bend it the way you want too !
Super short standard 3 body, good for bench seats.
Try our new fully automatic ratchet shifter with a single pole and pistol grip. We call it, the Exterminator Shifter.
Twister Shifter Jr. with pistol
Daddy long leg lightning rods. For the Rat Fink in all of us. These suckas are 2 feet tall.
TwisterShifter comes in reverse pattern too. Pull to upshift. It ratchets too. Handle is made of stainless steel.
TwisterShifter for factory consoles. Only 3.5" wide and tall. Stainless steel lever.

    We make all kinds of race shifters, with custom features for your every performance need.
    We support all the popular performance transmissions;
Ford: C4, C6, AOD, AODE 
Mopar: 727, 904 after '66, 45RFE, 545RFE, 47RE, 48RE
GM:POWERGLIDE, 350, 400, 700-r4, 200-4r, 4L60E, 4L80E

and more.
All shifters use B&M cables and brackets.
All our race shifters are customizable.
Check out all the options on the "Build a Shifter" page.

We now make Lighting Rods for all Automatics.
Turn any transmission into a reverse valve body, pull- to- shift monster.
This is our fully automatic ratchet shifter. Just bump through the gears. Up or Down. The ultimate drag race shifter.
The TwisterShifter is a single pole, horizontal gated shifter with a super strong return spring. The TwisterShifter will ratchet going up just by bumping it. It feels like a stick shift because the horizontal gate is so wide. We can make the handles any way you want, up to 26" high and bent the way you want. Great for trucks or bench seat cars.
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